Lanyard Printing in Chennai

Office stationery and printing is a design and printing company based in Chennai. Lanyard printing in chennai is one of the many services offered by this company. Items like keys, identification cards, USB drive, and many other things are carried by wearing a strap or thong or cord around the neck, wrist or shoulders.

The styles and materials used for lanyards are different from company to company. This is the best lanyard printing in Chennai and hardly any print shop in Chennai offers such unique types and sizes.

Lanyard Printing Company Chennai

We use the best materials viz; the rope is made out of polyester, nylon, satin, silk, braided leather, etc. Depending on the purpose of Lanyard we have different sizes, styles, and materials of the lanyard.

The most common use of a lanyard is for carrying ID cards, badges or tickets. Almost in every organization be it a big hospital, corporate, backstage passes, identification cards are used for extra security.

These lanyards are usually made of fabric or split with a clip is attached at the end. A simple plastic bag is attached with a card mentioning the holder’s name and address on it or the company’s name is mentioned.

Lanyards at lanyard print shop Chennai comes in different sizes i.e 12 mm, 16mm and 20 mm.

Companies or organizations prefer colors matching to their logo. There are several colors available in our shop . We do customization of the color as per customer needs. Customer satisfaction is our motto. We do very high quality lanyards. We are the leading lanyard printing service in chennai.

Why to choose our Lanyard printing in chennai?

For printing customized Lanyards, either screen printing or digital printing technique is used. Lanyard screen printing is the oldest method used to transfer the logo or customize a lanyard which is done by printing logo on a mesh screen.

It is very cost-effective, highly detailed and the ink colors or prints are long-lasting and durable. They can be used for printing on any thickness. We print colors on the textile which increases its durability. Thin and thick woven lanyard comes in single color printing as multicolor is not possible on them.

Thicker is a bit expensive than thin as the material and thickness matter. The cost is less in printing thin lanyard.We are the leading lanyard printing company in chennai with high quality.

Top Best Lanyard Printing Company Chennai

Satin lanyards are the most used and famous lanyards known for multi color printing logos and other customized creations. The colors last longer in such lanyards. They are available in almost all the standard sizes. Customized lanyards at our shop always add to the personality and style giving an identity to the school, college, organization or any event. We provide a key clip, loop clip and swivel hook for attaching the lanyard which is made from the best of material. We grant a considerable price advantage for bulk quantity.

Single color printings are cheaper than multi color creative lanyards. The majority of the corporate prefer the CMYK process where four inks – Cyan, magenta, yellow and black are used for printing. ID card rope printing or lanyards are printed in single as well as multi color with fast delivery options with no extra cost for bulk orders.

We offer services at affordable/ lowest cost for lanyard printings the office stationery and printing shop in Chennai. We work for customer satisfaction. Our printing services is 100% trustworthy and we deliver on time. We also do many other printing services for all your needs at reasonable price in the market. For other services you can check at our website Lanyard Printing in Chennai or  you can contact us at 9092833701.