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Digital printing chennai: In the era of advanced computerization, the importance of digital printing has increased manifold as the entire printing work with the color impression, and graphics are computer-dependent. Digital printing is a method of printing where a digital-based image directly connected to a variety of media. It refers to the printing of ordinary single page work from desktop to using large-format using a high-volume laser or inkjet printers.

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Digital Printing Chennai Processes

Digital Printing Processes has a wide range of technologies, which is providing a wider scope to give good services to customers. The processes are

Digital Printing In ChennaiOffset Printing

Offset printing is the most used method of printing for books, newspapers, stationery, corrugated board, posters, etc, in large volume, giving value in cost curtailment. The printing method is firstly the printing plate is created with offset lithography, made of aluminum.

These plates contain images, which are linked, where only the image part holds the ink. Subsequently, the images are transferred to a rubber blanket, then to the printing surface. After the printing is over the process of drying is also very fast. For Offset printing, good digital printing in Chennai is available.

Flexo Printing In ChennaiFlexo Printing

Flexo Printing is used to print on papers as well as on plastics, metals, cellophane, and other materials. The printing process is through flexography, the content to be printed is put on a printing plate made of rubber. Then the plate is inked and the inked image is subsequently transferred to the printing surface.

Digital Printing Shop In ChennaiDigital Printing

In digital printing mainly two technologies are being used:

Inkjet:  In this process, small droplets of ink propelled from different color print heads on the image that needs to be printed. This process is being mostly used for printing on paper, plastic, canvas, poster, doors, and floor tiles.

Xerography Printing Company In ChennnaiXerography

In common understanding, a laser printer is one amongst xerographic printers. In this process, the image for printing is formed by selectively applying a charge to a metal cylinder called a drum.

With the electrically charged toner particles are attracted and transferred to media for printing. Laser printers are not confining to usage in office printing, it is also used for small printing of books, brochures and other types of document. There are many digital print shops in Chennai.

Gravure Printing Company In ChennaiGravure Printing

 Gravure printing is mostly used for a high volume of work such as newspapers, magazines, and packaging. The technique of printing is that an image is engraved into a printing cylinder, and the cylinder is inked which is subsequently transfers to the paper.

Gravure printing is also known as rotogravure. Gravure printing is gradually becoming obsolete because of Offset printing.

Screen Printing Company In ChennaiScreen Printing

The printing technique relies on a screen, which is a woven piece of fabric, and there is a coating of non-permeable material on some part of it so that the ink can push to open an area.

The surface of the recipient does not have to be flat in screen printing. The screen printing is used for printing on paper, textiles, glass, ceramics, wood, and metal.

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