Catalog design in chennai

Catalog design in chennai

Give an Attractive Look to Your Catalog 

The corporate catalogs are the best showcase for products and services offered by your company. A good catalog values the effort of your organization to offer its customers the best consultation and purchase tools.

Your company needs to show the best of itself, of its products and services through corporate catalogs or product catalogs printed on paper and thanks to this support, consolidate the brand, facilitate consultation and encourage hiring and selling. These printed catalogs add a plus to the corporate image.Catalog designer take care of the design and edition of the catalogs so that they are appreciated as an element of prestige, quality and trust.

In a product catalog design it is essential to organize well the information we want to convey, prioritizing simplicity and communicative clarity. Users will more easily find the product or service they need in a clean and well structured catalog.

Process used by Catalog designer

Catalog designer follow for the creation of a corporate or product catalog design: They collect and organize the documentation that should appear in the catalog and once analyzed and always in coordination with you, It  provide different solutions in terms of distribution, design, format, supports and finishes.

With all these defined aspects  all turn to design the mock-up pages, catalog cover, index, product pages, services, covers, etc … It is important to maintain consistency in the design line of all the elements that make up the catalog.

Catalog designer  take care of the selection of images so that all of them maintain the same line of communication, color and atmosphere specially product catalog design

Catalog design in chennai

You can follow the entire catalog design process online, without surprises, with unlimited revisions so that everything is to your liking. It is to advise you on formats, finishes and design so that the catalog is effective and practical.

Low cost. Thanks to high volume of printing work and  can offer better prices than the competition . It is advice you so that you can study various options of formats and finishes and chooses which one is more convenient and economical.

They maintain direct communication with the client so that they can assess the results and provide their opinions. When the client approves the design line,  move on to layout each page of the catalog, providing samples of it as it is carried out. Finally they deliver the final arts for shipping to the press that will edit it.

Catalog design in chennai

If you wish, they make a version of the catalog in PDF of less weight so that it can be downloaded from your website, to send it by mail or to link it from any other platform or social network.

Our product catalog design in chennai will be happy to help you build design of the catalog from the beginning until its edition, providing advice and ideas as a result of the experience we  have in the editorial field.

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