How to Get the Best Business Card Printing in Chennai

A Business card is an introductory information for an individual or his representation of his employer. It is usually a 3.5×2 inch card which displays the name, and contact information of the employee representing the company or for the individual representing his business or engaged in other professions like a doctor, practicing lawyer or consultant of any profession.

The business card usually contains the address; email id, phone/mobile no, company name and address with their email id and website, so that while meeting customers these cards are used to make the communications. The printers are retaining your materials information in PDF or TIFF format so that the printing can be in the required quality, and also can be used for repeated printing if need be.

Business Card Print Shops in Chennai offer the best of their services to the customers.

Go for Business Card Printing in Chennai

For printing your business card printing in chennai / Visiting Card printing in chennai you need to know the following for better output:

Business Card Printing Company In ChennaiDesign your Card

Firstly design your card with all the relevant information which you want to put in. Set the information in a manner so that it should be very much eye-catching attracting your customers.

Make sure that the artwork and text of your card must keep at least 1/8 margin from the edge of the card so that no part of the text should go out of your card while printing. You can go for any good Business Card Printing in Chennai.

Background of your Card

If you desire to create some background or border in your card, create it at the edge keeping the clear place for the contents of the card without any overlapping.

Card Resolution

You desire to have the card printed very attractive with good resolutions. This is prioritized particularly if you want to use any image, logo or photo. To ensure the exact look of the image in the computer after the printing there is a need to use 300 dpi for the resolution.

Colour used in Card

Usually red, blue, and green are colors are mixed by the printers through polygraphic equipment creating contrast color. The usage of color should be judicious so that in the final printing it should look attractive.

Business Card and Printer Compatibility

Before you go for printing you must check the business card and printer compatibility from your printing shop. Carry your text in a PDF or TIFF format, for high-quality printing with a resolution of 600 dpi. Go to Business Card Printers in Chennai / Visiting Card Printing in Chennai.

Available Material Types for business card printing

  • 250Gsm Art and Matt Board
  • 300Gsm Art and Matt Board
  • 350Gsm Art and Matt Board
  • 220Gsm to 340Gsm Texture Imported Board (More than 25 varieties)
  • 250Gsm to 300Gsm Metallic Board

Types of Business Card / Visiting Card Printing

  • Screen Printing
  • Gold or Silver Foiling Printing
  • Digital Printing
  • Ultra HD Digital Printing
  • RGB Vibrant Digital Printing
  • Oil Finish Digital Printing
  • Offset Printing

PDF File and Font for Printing

Your final text for printing should be in a PDF or TIFF format so that the font you want to use for the printing should remain intact even after the printing of your business card. Therefore, before handing over to your printer you must write your file in a CD, DVD, or Pen drive, and carry it to a printer, discuss with them your requirements and finally check the proof before printing to avoid any chance of disappointment.

For Visiting Card Printing in Chennai, you make a survey and find a suitable visiting card printer who satisfies your requirements. For Brochure Printing Service in Chennai: 9092833701